As I was vacuuming out the freezer (a perfectly normal thing to do by the way), it dawned on me that we have some strange items in our Maytag. We have a package labeled “neck bones” which freaks me out every time I see it. I realize they are from a cow and not anything more sinister, but I still get caught off guard whenever I see it. I have a tiny fear of someone coming over for dinner and putting something in our freezer and catching a glimpse of that package and being a little disturbed. I’m slightly disturbed just thinking about it.
I often wonder why people choose to freeze certain things. Recently, a lady shared with me that her sister stocks up on food and puts everything, and I do mean everything, in the freezer. Most of her items sounded perfectly normal until she said her sister buys potato chips on sale and stores them in, you guessed it, the freezer. I suppose where I come from, not here, potato chips are not considered a staple and since we don’t need them, we don’t feel it’s necessary to purchase several bags in a buy, one get one free, deal, then upon arriving home, throw them in the freezer. I just can’t imagine that yanking an 8 month-old bag of chips out of the freezer in July for a picnic, is going to be all that tasty. But then again, I’m too cowardly to try it.
As I think back to when my husband and I were first married and we had so little money, the thought of wasting any morsel of food was unheard of so we’d freeze what we weren’t using. That is a savvy way to go about your food stewardship until it comes to certain food items. Somethings simply will not freeze. Well, they will, but you don’t want to eat them one they’ve thawed out. Take for example the week we bought groceries and realized we had to go away before we’d have time to eat the salad. So, naturally, being newly married and not knowing much about homemaking yet, we froze the salad. Upon, arriving home after our trip we wondered why someone had broken into our apartment and left a bag of algae in the freezer. A mystery, that still has gone unsolved.
However, as much as I scoff at people who freeze bizarre items, our household is a bit hypocritical on the matter. And I’m not talking about packages labeled “neck bones” either. That’s normal compared to what I find in my freezer now that the children can reach the door handle and make their own contributions. Once we had a freak snow storm in October. My forward thinking children made snowballs and put them in the freezer so they can have a snowball fight in July.
But the gasp worthy moment for me was when I opened the freezer one day to find a pillow shoved inside. Upon questioning the youngsters, one of the boys admitted that he liked the cool feeling of the pillow against his cheek as he drifted off to sleep. He thought he could achieve this effect best by cramming it (his pillow, not his cheek) into the freezer. I had to admit that although we’d be eating very smushed hot dog buns at some point in the future, he had quite an ingenious plan.
Maybe I would be able to expand my freezing repertoire with things like potato chips if it weren’t full of normal things like snow balls and pillows.


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