There’s a word sometimes used in medicine that also describes my spirit at times.


You might see it on a lab report or describing the results of another medical test.


It’s a fancy word that means, “Nothing here worth commenting on.”

I’ve felt unremarkable lately. Scripture isn’t making sense (when I take the time to read it.) Fall is starting to move into winter (my least favorite season) so nature isn’t holding my interest because I know the bitter, bone chilling cold is coming.


But I find when my problems are small, my faith seems huge. Scripture comes alive and is applicable to my life in every way. I have noticed that God’s silence doesn’t bother me at all, but I find comfort in His holy hush.

My goal lately is to move from unremarkable in spirit to remarkable and stay there!


2 thoughts on “Unremarkable

  1. How I relate to this message on your blog!!!!! First of all, I dislike (I want to say hate, but my Mother always told me it was wrong) winter and get “the blues” for no reason.
    Second, my heart is so full of God and love and all things good when my problems are small…. When life changes, I try and try to keep Him in my heart, mind and soul…. I know I do, but it is SO much harder…

    On another note, I think you are an amazing Lady – Smart, a wonderful Mother and you have so much to offer the world!

    Love to you and your family!!

    Shannon Rellins

    • Oh Miss Shannon, you are an inspiration to me! Your life and demeanor are a testament to the beauty and grace of Jesus. Thank you for taking the time to send me this uplifting and kind message. I treasure your words.

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